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"I found myself compelled to write you in regards to the exceptional care being bestowed in your Crest office at the  Atlantic Club Manasquan.  As a retired law enforcement officer and prior military servant, I can tell you, I have had many incursions which subsequently directed me to many hospitals, not to mention over eight operations to date.  Crest has been the best experience to date! 


The entire staff comes from another time and world, a place where starting a job and finishing a job are one.  A place where manners, politeness, and privacy are constant - something we certainly do not see many places today.  The attention and care being displayed go far beyond correcting the injury physically. There is an on-going physiological silent coaching and striving atmosphere, being intertwined with the actual therapy.


I recommend Crest Physical Therapy to anyone seeking great care!".


-Mike G.


"I've had a back problem for 10+ years and as a result I've been in various physical therapy centers both in New York City and New Jersey. Fortunately, a friend recommended Crest Physical Therapy at The Atlantic Club to me. The care you receive at Crest is far beyond any I've experienced in the past. They have a hands-on approach that is both healing and comforting. Also, from the Reception Staff to the Exercise Specialists to the Physical Therapists, the atmosphere at Crest is very friendly, but at the same time professional and efficient.


I have been very fortunate to have Karen Barlow-Lisk as my therapist over the last few years. She is a very special person who combines a contagious cheerfulness with a deep understanding of how the body works. Karen is always busy, but she makes you feel like you are the only patient she has. And, the greatest thing about Karen is, she gets results!


I highly recommend Crest Physical Therapy at The Atlantic Club for anyone who requires physical therapy."


-Michael H.


"It is with pleasure that I tell you about the pleasant healing experience I had a Crest Physical Therapy located in the Atlantic Club Manasquan.  Of all of the physical therapy providers I have been to for various injuries over the years, five in all, Crest shines in the outstanding care provided by the employees and the pleasant environment created by their absolutely positive demeanor.  Due to the way I scheduled my appointments, I saw each physical therapist and each trainer in the office over the course of my treatment. I am impressed at the excellent care that they provided - each in their own individual way.  Along with being good at what they do, the positive environment of the office due to the nice demeanor of each employee was so pleasant that I was truly sad when my treatment was over. 


This office truly stands out as a group of people who work well together, support each other, enjoy what they do and care about their patients. Hopefully I will stay injury free, yet if I do happen to have another clumsy incident I will be right back at Crest in the Atlantic Club Manasquan. The group is so outstanding and I highly recommend the office for those looking for physical therapy."


-Jean J.

"I am very pleased with the professional care that I received from Crest Physical Therapy and recommend the program to anyone in need of physical therapy."


-Nancy K.

"I recently underwent six weeks of physical therapy from late August through early October 2011 at Crest Physical Therapy Atlantic Club Manasquan. The treatment that I received was not only extremely helpful but was also a pleasure to undergo.  The Crest Physical Therapy team from the Physical Therapist to the Exercise Specialists were nothing short of wonderful.


All in all, I enjoyed my visits. I made great progress and I am back to playing golf! I have heard nothing but outstandingcomments from others about the treatment at Crest Physical Therapy and I am happy to give the same recommendation."


-Joan B.

"Crest Physical Therapy was not my first experience with rehabilitation; therefore, I am no newcomer to the conditions of a therapeutic experience.


Unequivocally, the professional staff care is excellent. As a patient receiving physical therapy, my needs were given thorough and thoughtful attention by all therapists and exercise specialists. And, I hasten to add, this consistent care and attention professionally oriented to the patient's individual needs is adapted and conductive to produce optimum progress in the healing process.  When the patient is performing an assigned exercise, everyone on the staff keeps an eye on what I am doing. Additionally, they do not hesitate to interrupt an erroneous interpretation of their directives and correct my actions. These measures assure that I will not get hurt or do any involuntary injury to myself.


I would like to convey special appretiation and gratitude to my particular therapist, Debra Keating for all her efforts, patience, and devotion to the discipline of professional care. I have never been more impressed by the excellent care I recieved at Crest Physical Therapy Atlantic Club Manasquan."


-Frank S.

"I have just completed a course of therapy at Crest Physical Therapy West Long Branch for Parkinson's degeneration. The personnel were knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating - in a word 'professional.'  My physical therapist was unfailing, kind, cheerful (in spite of my need for maddening repetition and my natural clumsiness), and highly skilled. I feel certain that his ministrations definitely improved my condition. I plan to continue the exercises Crest taught me on my own at home, and I will ask my neurologist to prescribe further therapy with Crest if he sees fit.


I would not hesitate to recommend Crest Physical Therapy and their therapists to a family or friend."


-Gerald K.

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