Personalized Treatment that Addresses Your Precise Recovery Needs.

Active Therapy

Aerobic Training

Free Weights and Resistance Machines

Aquatic Therapy in State-of-the-Art Atlantic Club Pool

Movement Reduction


Manual Therapy

Soft Tissue and Joint Mobilization

Nervous System Mobilization

Stretching of Restricted Structures


Therapeutic Modalities

Heat and Cold Therapies

Electrical Stimulation

InterX Therapy Pain Management

Inversion Traction



Patient Education

One on One Exercise Programs

Muscle / Flexibility Optimization and Maintenance

Competitive Stress Management

Chronic Pain Management


We Treat Your...


Tight and pulled hamstrings

Pulled groin muscles

Achilles tendon injuries

Shin splints

Heel spurs

Tennis elbow

Chronic lower back pain

Sprains and strains


Joint replacements

Effects of fractures and dislocation



Numbness and sensation changes

Gait dysfunctions



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