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Neck and Back conditions including sciatica, radiculopathy, disc bulges and herniations, stenosis, spondylosis, sacroiliac and facet joint dysfunction


Shoulder conditions including tendonitis, bursitis, impingement, rotator cuff injury, instability, separations and overuse injuries

 Elbow conditions including lateral and/or medial epicondylitis (tennis and golfer’s elbow)


Hand/wrist conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome and DeQuervain’s Syndrome


Hip conditions including hamstring and groin strains, bursitis, iliotibal band syndrome (runner’s knee), labral tears and replacements


Knee conditions including patellofemoral dysfunctions, chondromalacia patella, instability and replacements


Ankle and foot conditions including sprains, strains, fractures, plantar fascilitis, Achilles strains and tendonitis, bunionectomy and turf toe

We offer both Manual and Orthopedic Treatment and Therapy for the

following conditions:


Pre & Post Operative Orthopedic Surgery

Ankle, Knee, Elbow, Neck and Shoulder Injuries

Neck and Back Pain

Neurological Radiculopathies (radiating pain to arms and legs)

Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Sciatica

Occupational Injuries

Geriatric Conditions such as loss of strength and/or flexibility

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Sports Related Injuries


Rheumatoid arthritis

Parkinson’s Disease

Neurological disorders including s/p CVA (stroke)

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Occupational/work related injuries

Effects of motor vehicle accidents




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