What is Gait Analysis?


When we conduct a gait analysis, your feet are only one small piece of your biomechanical puzzle. What happens to your feet is merely part of a holistic, whole body, integrated movement pattern. Running, like most other whole-body activities (such as swimming or many field sports), is essentially a unique way of moving.


When an athlete is analyzed statically, dynamically, and then running on the treadmill during a gait analysis, it serves to provide a unique, personal movement "map." That "map" reveals the programming of everything happening within your body—from kinesthetic awareness and habit, to individual levels of mobility, stability, flexibility, and functional strength. The analysis of all these different elements taken together is what creates a complete picture of a person's gait. In essence, it is far more than just gait analysis. It is true "movement" analysis.



What do we look for during Gait Analysis?


           • Unusual shoulder & arm motion.

           • Abnormal Spinal movement.

           • Hip flexion & extension.

           • Hip moving in or out from normal position.

           • Asymmetical pelvic, torso, & leg rotation.

           • Excessive stress to the knees.

           • Uncommon pronation or supination of the ankles or feet


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