Aquatic Therapy and Weight-Bearing Exercise is another treatment protocol for Crest Physical Therapy patients Due to the near gravity free benefits of the Atlantic Club pool. Physical stress is reduced, flexibility and motor function is increased, relaxation is enhanced, and recovery is more timely and complete.


Chest deep or shallow water resistance therapy takes advantage of the natural buoyancy of water. This allows patients rehabilitate without the compressive loading forces associated with weight bearing, landing exercises. The patient can experience a 90% loss of gravitational weight which can allow for a reduction in pain with movement, facilitating normal movement.


Crest Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation is designed for patients in pain and those weakened by injury or disability. It addresses the following conditions:


           • Arthritis

           • Back & neck pain

           • Bone density

           • Fibromyalgia

           • Total hip/knee/joint replacement

           • Orthopedic dysfunction

           • Limited weight-bearing capacity

           • Pregnancy-related musculoskeletal pain

           • Sports injuries

           • Walking or balance issues

           • Parkinson’s Disease & other neurological conditions

           • Cerebral Vascular Disease (strokes)

           • Chronic Pain Syndrome

           • Lymphedema/post mastectomy



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