What is InterX?


InterX is an advanced form of Neurostimulation that is very powerful and focused

electro-stimulation that offers a customized, patient-specific application to effectively and consistently reduce pain. This type of therapy facilitates improved functional rehabilitation for a broad range of acute and chronic conditions.


The InterX 5000 is the first product to use a new generation of stimulation technology called Interactive Neurostimulation. The InterX 5000 was produced in 2004 and has since proven effective in managing pain associated with soft tissue dysfunction and treating both acute and chronic conditions. It is a hand-held, battery operated device and is in use by several physical therapy clinics already.


InterX Therapy has also played a wonderful role in sports injury management and rehabilitation and is applicable in a wide variety of clinical situations ranging from acute injury to post-operative recovery, as well as the treatment of chronic pain.




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Jimmy Smith, PT, our Director of Physical Therapy at Old Bridge says that “InterX Therapy is effective with complex chronic conditions that have not responded to any other treatment. InterX has helped acute post-surgical orthopedic pain which has proven very difficult to treat with neurostimulation in the past."

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